Depending on the type of roof you choose, your roof can actively help the environment! Lexcan offers two alternative environmentally friendly roofing systems to consider:

Garden Roofs: Boyne1
Garden roofs have rapidly increased in popularity, even though they have been around for millennia. Lexcan has completed many garden roof projects in Canada and around the world, with some now in use for over 40 years. Today, there are more alternative garden roof choices than ever, with new lightweight systems that will work on most any building. For more information, download our "Garden Roof" brochure.

Cool or Heat Reflective Roofs:
Cool, or heat reflective roofs are simply roofs that reflect solar radiation, instead of absorbing it. Heat reflective roofing systems actually help reduce pollution and global warming. For roughly the same cost as a traditional roof, you can now specify a roof that will actively help the environment and perhaps even save you money! For more information, download our "Cool Roofs" brochure.

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