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Product Data Bulletins
The following are Lexcan or Lexcor products. Click on the heading to download the appropriate product data bulletin.

Single Ply Membranes
Lexcan Standard EPDM Membranes Lexcan Reinforced EPDM Membranes  
Lexcan TPO Membranes  Lexcan PVC Membranes
Lexcan Geolex™ Polypropylene Membrane Lexcan White EPDM Membrane
Lexcan F (Fleece-Backed) EPDM Membrane
with Seam Tape
Lexcan F (Fleece-Backed) White EPDM
Lexcan F (Fleece-Backed) EPDM Membrane Lexcan FBA (Fleece-Backed) EPDM Membrane
Lexcan Fleece-Backed TPO Membrane

EPDM Membrane Accessories
EPDM Pipe Boots SA-747 Splice Adhesive
T-325 Series Seam Tape T-610 Series Overlay Tape
LexFlash II™ 6", 9" and 12" Lexflash II 7" x 9" Corners
LexFlash II™ 8" x 8" Corners Lexflash II 18"
Lexpad 300™ Walkway Pad Lap Sealant
PA-100 Primer Adhesive

TPO Membrane Accessories
Un-reinforced Membrane & Molded Flashings Molded Sealant Pockets 
HI-TUFF PS Coverstrip™ TPO Metal
HI-TUFF TPO Walkways HI-TUFF Cut Edge Sealant
HI-TUFF TPO Stripbond II™  
PVC Membrane Accessories
Un-reinforced PVC Membrane & Molded Flashings PVC Molded Sealant Pockets
PVC Metal PVC Walkways
PVC Cut Edge Sealant  

Universal Membrane Accessories
Stripbond II™ Perimeter Securement Strips Termination Bar
Weathered Membrane Cleaner Water Cut-Off Mastic
Universal Single Ply Sealant Pourable Sealer
Thermoplastic Pourable Sealer  Protection Mat
P.S.(Batten) Bar  Ballast Filter Fabric
Water Cut-Off Tape   

Membrane & Insulation Securement Accessories
BA-90 Bonding Adhesive (for EPDM or TPO membranes) BA-160 Bonding Adhesive
PVC Low VOC Bonding Adhesive (for PVC membranes) Hi-Tuff TPO Bonding Adhesive (for TPO membranes)
InsulTac II™ Insulation Adhesive Lexgrip™ Insulation & Membrane Fasteners
InsulTac II™ Pump Grade Insulation Adhesive  

BUR & Modified Bitumen Membranes
Lexcor No. 15 Perforated Roofing Felt MA-110 Modified Asphalt
Glass Reinforcing Felts  

Insulations & Coverboards
Isolex Insulations

Fransyl EPS Insulations 

Aquazol Bizolap Bizolap FB
Bizolap FR Bizolap PL C-Zol
Infracube Izobest 45o Block Izobest 90o Blocking
Izobest Brick Ledge Izobest Straight Block Izobest Taper Block
Izocurb Izodal Izodal EHD 40
Izodrain Izodrain EHD Izoface
Izofibre/Bizofibre Izofibre/Bizofibre FR Izoflute
Izol Izolair FB Izolair FR
Izolair PL Izolite/Bizolite Izolon/Bizolon
Izolon/Bizolon EHD 40 Izolon/Bizolon R+ Izolon/Bizolon XD
Izoroute Izosol O'Zol
Polybase R+ Polybase R+ S Polybase XD
Polybase XD S Polyzol R-Zol


Big Foot Systems

Big Foot Systems Brochure

Fix-It Foot Frameworks H-Frame Multi Foot


Safepro Rooftop Safety and Security Products
Hands-Free Power Hatch Lift
           Risk Pro
Roof Hatch Rails

Vapour & Air Barriers
Lexcor Permate Stick Lexcor LexShield SA™ Air Barrier
Lexcor LexShield SA™ Vapour Barrier Lexcor Permate Ultra-R™ Vapour Barrier
Lexcor Permate™ Vapour Retarder PE-10™ Vapour Retarder
PE-6™ Vapour Retarder  
Lexcor Roof Drains & Specialty Flashings
Maxxflo Retrofit Roof Drain Seal Flash-Maxx Drain & Seal Combo 
Roof Drains Flashings for Rigid Pipes and Conduits 
Flashings for Wire, Cables & Irregular Protrusions Insulation and Attic Gravity Vents

Lexcor Roof Hatches
Lexcor Roof Hatches
Lexcor Series 350 Heat, Smoke & Explosion Vents

Lexcor Skylights
Lexcor Skylights

Lexcor Roofmax Products
Cobalt Runner 4 Wheel Cart Drysek   RoofSafe

FOMO Polyurethane Foam Products
Handi-Foam Handi-Seal Fireblock   Extreme

Tools & Equipment
Grizzly Catalog (Feb. 2014)

Primegrip Catalog
BAK Thermoplastic Welding Equipmment Catalog



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