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Lexcan Geomembranes

Lexcan membranes are used in all of the following geomembrane applications:
• Water Reservoirs
• Chemical & Waste Containment
• Waste Treatment Plants
• Emergency Secondary Containment Barriers
• Aquaculture Ponds
• Tunnel & Underground Room Lining
• Landfill Liners & Covers

Lexcan offers the following alternatives for geomembrane applications:
• Lexcan Standard EPDM Membrane
• Lexcan Reinforced EPDM Membrane
• Lexcan Geolex™ Reinforced Polypropylene Membrane
• Lexcan Reinforced PVC Membranes
• XR-5 Membrane
• Hypalon Membrane

Sample Specifications

Geolex - Fully Adhered
Geolex - Mechanically Attached

Selection of the proper membrane for a particular application depends on the physical and chemical resistance requirements of the project. Lexcan will be pleased to help you choose the best membrane type for your application. Contact Lexcan today with the details of your project.

A Northern Reservoir lined
with Lexcan Hypalon Membrane

An Inground Reservoir lined
with Lexcan's Geolex™ Membrane

Floating Covers
A Lexcan floating cover offers all the advantages of a structural roof at a fraction of the cost. They are used on water reservoirs, waste treatment plants and waste collection ponds. A Lexcan floating cover prevents the transfer of contaminants either from the environment into the pond, or vice versa. For more information on Lexcan floating cover systems, call or write to Lexcan today through the “Contact Us” section of this website.

Biogas Collection Covers
Biogas Collection systems are an environmentally friendly way of reusing organic waste materials to produce energy. The system starts with a specially designed floating cover over a waste containment pond. Through a system of built-in pipes, the cover collects biogases that are released through the decomposition of the waste. These clean burning gases are then directed out of the pond to power furnaces or create electricity.

Lexcan helped pioneer one of the world’s first biogas collection systems back in the 1970’s. McCain’s, a large manufacturer of processed food products, used Lexcan’s solution to derive electricity from their waste potato skins. A specially designed Lexcan floating cover collected methane gas to power their adjacent production facility.

Biogas collection systems are ideal for any industry that produces organic waste. Food processors, farms and forest product industries should all explore the economic and environmental advantages that a biogas collection system can generate. For more information on Lexcan Biogas collection systems, call or write to Lexcan today through the “Contact Us” section of this website.

City of London, Ontario
Springbank Reservoir

McCain's Biogas Collection System

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