Is your rust resistant metal roof rusting?
Does melting snow and ice leak through your metal roof? 
Solve your problems once and for all !

Lexcan has two systems specifically designed for extending the service life of metal roofs. Lexcan's Hi-Flex EPDM metal roof retrofit system offers the proven performance of EPDM - one of the world's most durable roofing materials. Lexcan's Hi-Tuff TPO system features a membrane with a wider selection of colours and advanced heat-welded seam technology. Both will completely rejuvenate your roof and provide years of problem-free performance.

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Lexcan Metal Roof Retrofit System Brochure 

Sample Specifications:
Lexcan MRRS - Adhesive Adhered Hi-Flex EPDM 
Lexcan MRRS - Adhesive Adhered Hi-Tuff TPO 
Lexcan MRRS - Mechanically Fastened Hi-Tuff TPO
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