When it just has to be waterproof!
Hi-Flex EPDM mebrane is a synthetic rubber that is used in all of the following waterproofing applications:
• Below Grade Waterproofing
• Basements
• Parking Garages
• Bridges
• Plaza Decks
• Ponds & Fountains
• Water storage Tanks
• Tank Lining

Hi-Flex EPDM membrane is available in the following types and thicknesses:
Standard Hi-Flex EPDM:
This product is an unreinforced synthetic rubber sheet, available in 1.1 mm (45 mil), 1.5 mm (60 mil) and 2.3 mm (90 mil) thicknesses. The 1.5 mm thickness is the most commonly used product for waterproofing applications.

Reinforced Hi-Flex EPDM:
This product consists of an EPDM membrane internally reinforced with a polyester scrim. The scrim imparts superior tear and puncture resistance where physical abuse or vandalism might be a concern. Hi-Flex EPDM Reinforced membrane is available in 1.1 mm (45 mil), 1.5 mm (60 mil) and 1.9 mm (75 mil) thicknesses.

All Lexcan Hi-Flex EPDM membrane systems come with related accessory products to complete proper seaming, details and flashing. The result is a versatile and proven waterproofing system able to ensure long-term performance in the most demanding environments.

In this application, a Standard or Reinforced EPDM membrane is fully adhered to the substrate using a Bonding Adhesive. The substrate may be concrete, masonry, wood, most metals and some types of insulation. Substrates must be dry, structurally sound and free of moisture, chemical release agents, greases, dirt, debris and dust. Lexcan has both a solvent based and a water based adhesive that may be used for this application.

Lexcan Waterproofing Brochure
Hi-Flex EPDM Waterproofing Design Guide
Sample Specification W-A: Waterproofing with Adhesive Adhered Hi-Flex EPDM Membrane
Sample Specification W-A: Tank Lining with Adhesive Adhered Hi-Flex EPDM Membrane
Standard Waterproofing Application Details
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